Stock Protector

Stock Protector is a stock market trading application that shows you how to protect your investments using put options which means using leverage against the shares you hold. The app tells you the exact quantity, strike price, and price of the put options you need to buy to completely eliminate all risk in your stock. Follow stock protector and watch your position fall, and not lose $1. Buy the option for any price lower than stock protector says and guarantee yourself profit.

This stock market trading application calculates the minimum intrinsic value that you would have on the option at expiry when simulating your positions in the stock market. The application only works if you already have a profitable position in the stock market because it is impossible to guarantee profits in an investment which is already showing a loss. If you don't want to see your profits turn into losses, or you want to bet on your stocks falling this is the app for you!

4 steps:


Step 1: Enter the name of your stock and current price per share.

Step 2: Enter the number of shares purchased and the price paid per share.

Step 3: See the quantity of put options you need to buy, the strike price, and premium you need to pay, to not loose any money.

Step 4: Enter in the current market price of the put option and see what the actual results of the trade will amount to.

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